Night Fox.

I'm so excited today to reveal the cover of my new novel, Night Fox. This book is a continuation of the Hey Sunshine trilogy, and will be available in paperback on Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold on December 31st! So basically, if you don't have New Year's plans, you do now. And if you DO have New Year's plans, you can spend all day on January 1st recovering from the night before while you read my new book!

Here is an exclusive excerpt from Night Fox:

“I miss you,” he’d said in the email.  “My mind is here but my heart is at home.”

I was so glad that my little girl wasn’t here to see me fall apart.  I’d kept it together at home while I packed and made arrangements, for her, and for myself. I was traveling alone to Seattle. Fox’s family would meet me there, and until we knew more, Annabelle would stay with my parents.

The flight attendant gazed at me for a moment with concern in her eyes before she walked away, but in a short while she was back with a blanket and a small pillow.

“Here,” she said, tucking me in.

I didn’t want to be that person, the one who needed special treatment, the one who garnered sympathetic looks and hand pats. I wanted Fox, agile and strong, running the path through the park near my house. I wanted me and Fox, laughing in the diner as he drank one of his endless cups of coffee. I wanted Fox and Annabelle doing puzzles on the floor, taking breaks for hot chocolate and Saturday morning cartoons.  

I wanted me, the way I used to be just days before. I knew what fear and loss really felt like, what it meant to make hard decisions and never be quite sure about a future for Annabelle and myself. But since Fox came into our lives I allowed myself to relax a little, to let him wrap me in his arms and enjoy what I had, thinking maybe most of the struggle of an uncertain plan was behind me.

And now with one terrible sentence, my new life threatened to crumble down while I watched helplessly, trapped on a plane with no idea what to expect when I reached Fox. 

They say that when a good man dies, it rains. I wasn’t sure who “they” implied or if “they” were even qualified to make such sweeping generalizations, but the sun shone brightly in Seattle — a place of perpetual cloud cover — when the plane’s wheels touched the tarmac at Sea-Tac, and every single part of me wanted to take it as a positive omen.

The gaping wound that appeared in my chest twenty hours ago when I got the phone call hadn’t even scabbed, and as I sat there on the plane, it burst open again and I gasped for breath as the realization hit me.

He would live, they assured me.

He would live — if he woke up.


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